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Small / Home Based Businesses

One of the fastest growing and wide-spread business opportunities is network marketing. This business opportunity typically offers exceptional potential for upside or profits with limited upfront investments in supply and material. In order to increase chances of success, it is important to understand exactly what is required in terms of sales, how much upfront money is required, the monthly commitment (time and money) to the organization, the availability of consistent training and compensation. Renewal believes that network marketing is a viable asset class investment because it not only creates an exceptional opportunity for profit, but it also provides legal tax benefits to individuals who participate in this line of business. Following are several network marketing opportunities that may be considered if you are interested in this line of business:

Small/home-based businesses are a vital to the U.S. economy. These organizations create 80% the new jobs in America and account for nearly 40% of the private sales. Whether they are farmers exploring new agro-tourism opportunities, start-up companies in high technology or micro-business entrepreneurs offering services from their homes, small and home-based businesses fuel economic growth in communities, including rural ones, where more traditional job opportunities are declining. Many of those communities are adjusting to changing market, environmental and policy forces.

Tahitian Noni International

Tahitian Noni International (TNI) is dedicated to improving the lives of its customers by producing the most innovative, highest-quality noni-based products possible. They opened their doors in July 1996 with a single product—TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. TNI knew the health benefits of noni were powerful, but nothing could have prepared them for the explosive growth that followed. The effectiveness of TAHITIAN NONI products has led to incredible growth and expansion. Their first year’s sales totaled well over $6 million. Currently, their yearly sales exceed $500 million. Tahitian Noni International does business in over 70 countries and has a wide offering of noni-based products, including healthy menu selections found at seven Tahitian Noni Cafés™ worldwide.

They have adopted the heritage of Tahiti as their own and do all they can to preserve the purity of her lands and people. The Tahitians are TNI’s full partners in bringing the benefits of noni to the world, and their economy has benefited tremendously from the jobs and growth the noni fruit has produced. If you are interested in learning more about TNI, click on the following link.

United First Financial (

United First Financial is an innovative company that helps American homeowners reach their financial goals. Their interest reduction solution puts the deed of your home in your hands in a fraction of the regular time by utilizing banking strategies which have been around for decades. Qualified homeowners using the Money Merge Account system can now potentially pay off their mortgage in as little as 1/3 to 1/2 the regular time – with little to no change to their day-to-day spending habits and without increasing their minimum required monthly mortgage payments. The Money Merge Account (MMA) is designed to accomplish this important objective. Click here to address issues related to u1stfinancial and the MMA. Click here for a risk-free personal analysis.


VMdirect launched HelloWorld!, the first complete system on the market that has actually integrated video with a complete groupware e-mail system. In other words, the HelloWorld portal is a one-stop solution for everything from integrated email and video email to calendars, sports, news and more. The VMdirect turnkey business comes complete with up-to-the-minute real time commission reports, marketing materials, video tutorials, daily news updates, the most complete real-time business reports in the industry, and so much more. Click on the following link to examine the plan that works best for you and become a VMdirect Affiliate today!