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Sun Loan and Renewal Strategic Partnership

Sun Loan® and Renewalfinancial.com have partnered to provide financial education that helps consumers understanding the complex financial issues of banking, budgeting, creating wealth, credit, homeownership, identity theft and insurance. This information is designed to help consumers improve their financial situation by moving into the financial mainstream. We have partnered with Members, United States Senators, State Legislators, Federal and State Regulators, installment lenders, bankers, community and faith-based organizations and others to conduct research and educate them about the important role that Sun Loan® plays in providing capital to credit-challenged consumers.

About Sun Loan Company

Founded by Thomas L. Brundage, Sun Loan Company® opened its first office August 1988 in San Antonio, TX. Now under the leadership and guidance of our President, Thomas O. Brundage, they have grown to be one of the five largest companies in the small loan business with over 220 offices operating in nine states.

They believe that customer service is the key to any successful business, and that the best way to make the customer feel appreciated is to make the employee feel appreciated. Their goal is to have a happy, enthusiastic team of people who enjoy coming to work. They strive to hire and train people who are looking for an opportunity to grow in a dynamic and fast paced environment, while providing them with an industry leading compensation and benefits package, and the professional training and feedback necessary to help them succeed.

Sun Loan Company® is part of the consumer finance industry that pumps billions of dollars into the economy of the United States yearly. The consumer finance industry consists of all sorts of companies that lend money to consumers to allow them to purchase the goods or services that they need to enrich their lives. Some companies make loans for specific purchases, like an automobile, using the item purchased as security, or collateral, on the loan. Some companies issue credit cards that allow individuals to make purchases virtually anywhere by utilizing a line of credit associated with that card. Others, like Sun Loan Company®, make loans based on the credit worthiness of the applicant that the consumer can use for any purpose they see fit.

Sun Loan Company® encourages their employees to play an active role in the local communities that they operate in. In addition to playing an important role in the local economy of these communities, their employees volunteer for numerous civic and charitable events and activities.

If you would like to find a location or gain information about Sun Loan Company®, go to http://www.sunloan.com.

About RenewalFinancial.com

Renewal Financial Services, LLC, is specifically focused on building networks that improve accessible to unbanked, underbanked and thin-filed consumers. We serve as a catalyst for change at the point of service within the community. According to the United States Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the fringe financial service market consists of consumers who are predominately unbanked, underbanked and thin-filed. This market also includes:

  • Twenty-eight percent (28%) of the adult American population (53% of whom are African-American and Hispanic)
  • An estimated 80 million people in the U.S. with credit scores of 660 or below
  • An estimated 54 million individuals with no credit score or a “thin” credit file
  • Consumers who live in income polarized communities where mainstream financial service organizations have either left the market or have seriously curtailed their offerings
  • People who live in communities with cash economies and believe a bank account does not make sense for their cash-driven transactions
  • Individuals who live in communities that have high debt-to-income ratio and lower levels of education causing higher unemployment rates, experience special needs such as major medical bills, cash purchases of household appliances, incarceration, etc. and lack financial discipline and/or foresight
  • Consumers who live in communities that often require them to rely on sub-prime mortgage companies, pawn stores, check cashing outlets, rent-to-own merchandisers, payday advance loan companies, auto title loan firms and refund anticipation loan organizations to meet their financial needs
Need for Capital

Sun Loan Company and Renewalfinancial.com Agenda

Sun Loan® plays an important role in providing low-cost capital to consumers who are credit-challenged and who are either denied access to mainstream banking services or are charged exorbitant fees by payday lenders. Although there is clear justification for the rates charged based on no collateral requirement, installment payments, credit checks and other important features, Sun Loan’s partnerships with elected and appointed officials, faith and community-based organizations, as well as consumer advocates educate consumers and provide financial resources where needed so they can eventually overcome the extra fees. This company is clearly different from fringe financial service organizations that charge high interest rates and significant collateral. Sun Loan Company® provides direct and ancillary educational benefits to consumers through its partnerships with Renewalfinancial.com.

Renewal Coach

In partnership with Sun Loan®, Renewalfinancial.com has designed the Renewal Coach to help consumers address the complex financial issues they experience on a daily basis. This patent pending tool provides a personalized and customized gameplan to address various financial situations experienced by consumers. It helps you establish your financial goals and objectives. The Renewal Coach sets forth the “Renewal Five” which maps where the consumer is, where they’d like to be, how they plan to get there, how they will know when they’ve arrived and what to do if unsuccessful. The coach can help you build a personalized budget, financial and investment strategy to help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. If you would like to gain more information about the Renewal Coach, go to renewalfinancial.com/coach.

Renewal Classroom

In partnership with Sun Loan®, Renewalfinancial.com provides access to a classroom module providing financial information on Banking, Budgeting, Creating Wealth, Credit, Homeownership, Identity Theft and Insurance. Consumers can view each lecture series, take tests based on course content, immediately get test results, and derive additional sponsor support benefits based their success completion of this process. If you would like to gain more information about the Renewal Classroom, go to renewalfinancial.com/classroom.

Renewal Tools

Renewalfinancial.com has provide additional tools in partnership with VISA and Sun Loan® to help rework budgets, calculating allowances, calculating interest on a car loan, how to save a million dollars, calculating the true cost of a loan and calculating the cost of credit, among others. Additionally, the Renewal Tools section provides games that help teach children and adults about saving, budgeting and general money matters. If you would like to gain more information about the Renewal Tools section, go to renewalfinancial.com/tools.